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How can we get rid of spam ads bar notifications of Android

Most owners smartphones si tablets Android are already familiar with ads occur without the users permission Notifications bar systemBut not many know why occur and how to get rid of them.


Also, in some cases happen to find bookmarks they do not know in browsers used, or waking up with another Homepage (home page) Than set them.

home-page ad

Well, all these advertisements and changes are "due" to applications using service advertisements, With the consequences described above. Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of these problems, it Uninstalling advertisements that use those services, but you must first identify what those applications.

In order to identify applications responsible for advertising the Notifications bar and bookmarks, and change the browser home pages in AndroidUsers can use a free application part of suite of security Lookout, namely Lookout Ad Network Detector.

  • After installation, open Lookout Ad Network Detector and click on the Start Scan.


  • application will scan si analyzes all applications installed on the device Android


  • After which scanning ends (usually does not last very long, but depends on the number of applications installed) will be displayed list with all applications using service advertisementThey are organized categoriesDepending on the services used by each ad.

apps behavior

  • to see which ads in a certain category, click on down arrow the category concerned, will be displayed ads services used. Then click on each service separately to show the applications they use.

ad-service apps

If not identified applications are among those that do not want to quit, we recommend them uninstall. From what you have seen in the screenshot above, some applications including data collecting device installed (inclusive IMEI its) Your location dataAnd even may modify certain features of the device. To uninstall these applications, it is not necessary to go to Settings> ApplicationsBut you can them directly uninstall Ad Network DetectorBy clicking on icon of wheel to every application.


Download Lookout Ad Network Detector (via Google Play).

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