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How can we password protect individual applications in Android


Most users of smartphones tend to protect their devices passwords others to block access to data held on them. But applications si personal data (posts, photos, e-mails, banking information) Can still be accessed by others when the phones are unlocked. Users Android who want to protect privacy solution is called App Lock.

App Lock is a free application for OS Android which allows users to block access to any other person application installed in the system with a code or a locks type pattern (model). So even if you get your phone unlocked or friends know the password / code / model to unlock it will not be able to access applications that were blocked individually (eg Facebookor Inbox or E-Mail).

How does App Lock?

Immediately after installation, default code to unlock it 7777. For block from accessing your installed applications personal phone, open App Lock and add those applications.


The red button displayed on the main screen of the application shows that this is inactive (No application installed is protected by App Lock). The icon in the form of key allow choice of clasp (Password, code, model) and whether or not a hint for it.


from Menu (Icon in the upper right corner of the main screen next to the key) application can be disabled and also may be customized unlocking limit, Lock settings or notification bar. One of the most interesting settings of the application is the option Remote Control Lock which block remote phoneThrough a text message (sms), Or you remote unlocks (With a passwords all sent by sms).


To add an application in the list of protected applications with password App Lock, Please tap the button ADDThen select that application from the list displayed (will be listed all applications installed in the system). In tab Screen you can select applications that keep the display active device up as they are closed (eg e-reader) And in Rotation can disable the auto-rotate screen for certain applications.

Those interested unload application using the link below:

Download App Lock for Android (via Google Play).

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