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Corrects your photos on your phone with Perfectly Clear for Android

Although most smartphones the latest feature rooms becoming more efficient, the pictures taken with the phone still have shortcomings to those made with cameraEven if we refer to those who have confort resolution with the smartphone cameras. To further minimize this disadvantage, there is enough applications Android allowing Fix your photos si Image Enhancement or quality them. But of all these applications, Clear Perfecty for Android is the best choice.


Why Use Perfectly Clear for Android?

Primarily because the correction it is incredibly simple and fast. Choose correction mode you want, give a previewAnd if the desired result is you save.


In addition, Perfectly Clear allows selecting and using specific corrections, Such as per-pixel exposure, increasing color intensity, change the contrast between colors or remove red tones in the skin of subjects in photosBut if you want a rapid correction, Click / tap the button FixIt is Optimised for most situations (or so it says developers application). If you prefer own set of correctionsThen you can select Corrections and save them as preset for later use on other photos.


Other corrections are worthy of specified buttons Fix Dark, With which you can give light dark photo, And the BeautifyThat removes stains and errors portrait photos.


Perfectly Clear for Android not free applicationBut its price is insignificant on who can afford all Android users: Only 1$. If you are interested and want to buy the application, please run the Google Play. Also there you will find more detailed information about it.

Download Perfectly Clear for Android ($ 1 via Google Play).

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