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Blocks access to Android applications with personal information PDroid

most applications from Android Market have impressive lists permissions required to be installed. These permissions enable applications to access personal data users, such as number IMEI, SIM ID, phone number or Voice Mailbox and so on Although most of these applications are safe for users, we recommend still taking additional precautions, Such as careful checking permissions required by the application and validity thereof.

If you concerns regarding permissions required for certain applications that you want to use (or you need), and you want to block access granted permissions through these personal data, the solution is called PDroid.

PDroid is a patch created smartphones cu AndroidThrough which users can "Block" access to personal information applications such as phone number, ID SIMULANTS, IMEI so by sending false values for them.


Attention! To install ClockworkMod Recovery PDroid you need or higher and your phone must be root.

Characteristics PDroid:


  • settings lock / premitere can be made for each application
  • each time an application is installed will specify what information the application wants to access
  • displays notification when applications access personal information


  • notify when available updates for patch

What can block PDroid:

* Device ID (IMEI / MEID / ESN)
* Subscriber ID (IMSI)
* SIM serial (ICCID)
* Phone and mailbox number
* Incoming call number
* Outgoing call number
* GPS Compass location
* Network location
* List of accounts (including your google e-mail address)
* Account auth tokens
* Contacts
* Call logs
* Calendar
* Browser bookmarks and history
* System logs
* SIM info (operator, country)
* Network info (operator, country)

How to install PDroid:

To use PDroid must first install Patch available here (Make sure you use the correct patch by using ROM) via CWM RecoveryThen go and download application on Android Market.

Note: It does not work Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Titanium Backup can not backup your settings patch (can be made manual backups though).

Credit: svyat @ XDA developers.

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