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WhatsApp to hide their online status on WhatsApp Ghost


Each time the application is opened WhatsAppIt automatically updates the status user, and also displays when it was last seen (last seen) Online. Depending on these stautusuri, contacts WhatsApp list can determine whether the user has recently used application or if read messages therefrom. While this may be considered most advantageous WhatsApp users are users who would prefer avoid status updates, Especially in cases that do not want to find certain contacts messages from them were read without them respond back.


One solution to avoid Update your status on WhatsApp (Both in terms read messages and display the last times I used IM application) is disabling internet connection before opening the application. But this involves closing WiFi network or data every time you use WhatsApp. And sometimes it can happen to forget to do this. WhatsApp Ghost is a free application the devices operating system Android which automates disabling network connections whenever it is in use.


How it works WhatsApp Ghost?

When you want to WhatsApp use incognito you just need instead to open IM application, To open WhatsApp Ghost. This automatically disconnects the device from the network is installed, then launches WhatsApp application that the user can read messages from contacts. Nor User Last seen their status will not be updated (At the same time or it will not be able to see statuses of Last seen of contacts in the list). And after the user reads incoming messages in WhatsApp, it only needs to press back to display WhatsApp interface Gost whence Ghost Mode maybe deactivatedAnd network connection restored.


Download WhatsApp for Android Ghost (via Play Store).

Note: The application is compatible with Android since version 2.2

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