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IOS update was released 7.0.6


Apple has released a new update for devices running iOS. Updating to version brings operating systems iOS 7.0.6 not only bring a little change.


Update solves problems that users had with SSL connection. Changing prevents unauthorized persons do not have the opportunity to make changes to data protected and used in the conexexiunii SSL / TLS.

iOS 7.0.6 has a very small size, and it varies depending on the device that the user uses. This update will not bring major changes or repairs Significant breaches of operation. Most likely, this will happen when it will launch 7.1 version of iOS.

It was released after three weeks that was released iOS 7.0.5 which was valid only for a certain number of devices after more than three months after the launch of iOS 7.0.4, a minor update fixing agents.

The new update is available by accessing the Software Update option in the Settings application on a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The update can be installed by connecting the device to a Mac or PC and iOS 7.0.6 downloading through iTunes.

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