Angry Birds game recipe for global success


Each of us has tried at least once per computer or mobile phone, famous application Angry Birds made by those in Rovio. In 2009 they created a game for iOS and soon conquered the entire market, being launched and desktop versions. Now Angry Birds is the generation 4 with mobile versions iOS, AndroidJava and desktop.

In February of Valentines Day will be released and an application for Facebook largest social network in the world. Brand Angry Birds sold very well and so there was a real industry with fields ranging from toys, trinkets, clothes to electronics.

Those from Samsung implement Angry Birds application preinstalled in new Smart TVSites to be launched. Also those from Manual announced that include popular application in Asha series and will be integrated into Windows Phone 7. It seems that this year the number of downloads will reach the impressive figure of 1 billion. Application appeared inspired by another game Crush the Castle , Angry birds trying to destroy green pigs hidden by various wooden, stone or glass became famous 2009 began with the release of the iPhone. The following game variants were Angry Birds Seasons si Angry Birds Rio. Soon expect a version for Blackberry.

Mobile versions can be downloaded from Android Market or Apple AppStore.



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4 Responses to Angry Birds game recipe for global success

  1. tomas says:

    HTC HD mini mam na ako stiahnem to Angry Birds???

  2. Abdelkader says:

    les jeux et les apps SVP

  3. Sona says:

    BlackBerry Curve 9320 pojde ahojte my mother toto Angry Birds to neho s? ahnú? ? hej nahodou keby tak ako? ? Akujem vopred

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