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Android vs. iOS - A few reasons to switch from Android to iOS (iPhone)


Forums are full of discussions on "Which is better? A phone Android or iPhone?"
In our opinion, the two can not be compared as tehonologii operating systems. Even if used both mobile and mostly do the same operations are totally different in implementation, interface and distribution. iOS It is created and developed by Appleand Android It is powered by Google and developed by anyone knows and wants to do so. Open source license.
Comparing the two is like we ask the question: "who are better, apples or quinces?". This keeps your taste, and if smartphones should keep the needs and ... even budget for purchasing a smartphone.
It is known that the devices Apple are generally more expensive, they maintaining a fairly high price even in a year or two years from launch. If we talk about mobile phones AndroidAt them it is "fashionable" to be more expensive at launch and in the immediate future, but after a while, there were cases when the price fell to 50% or more. One example is phones SamsungThat the lansae reach unreasonably high prices, and later, in a few months to reach half price. Finally, there's the price evolution of smartphones, we speak today, but about some reasons that can make us move from an Android smartphone to a iPhone / iOS.

#1 Dedicated OS
I always thought that multifunctional tool is no better in performance compared to a dedicated tool for a certain operation. So things and between Android and iOS. While Android we find a huge range of mobile phones, several companies from AllView la Samsung si LG, IOS operating system is used only for the devices Apple. iPhone si iPad.

#2Google Play vs. App Store - Optimization and Security
It is true that both "market applications" we find almost the same applications and games, but developers tendency is to launch First iPhone applications. It may be a sales strategy. Overall, iPhone users have the financial resources somewhat better compared to most users of Android, which use low-cost phones. The likelihood of users to buy an app in the App Store is greater than Google Play.
Another is checking security and better optimization of applications. On the App Store, each application is carefully checked before being available for download and use. It is tested both in terms of security and in terms of optimization.
In Google Play almost every application is allowed and down. Even a simple application "torch" to ask us access to contacts in address book and personal files during installation.

#3 OS Software Update
Chapter updates operating system, Android is a disaster.Android 6.0 Marshmallow was released in September 2015, and to date March 2016 is used on almost 2% of smartphones. Apple's policy is totally different in terms of iOS updates and security. Updates for iPhone are simultaneously on all the devices around the worldRegardless of model iPhone, the country where it is used, or the mobile operator.
Another big difference is the software compatibility with new versions of the older devices. E.g,Android 6.0 Marshmallow not available on Samsung Galaxy Note 3Which was launched in 2013, though this is a smartphone with 3 GB RAM, powerful processor and storage capacity big enough. There is a top model for Samsung, yet owners gave good money on these phones at their acquisition date. We think it would deserve to receive further updates.
iOS 9Newest operating system for iPhones is compatible and runs very well on iPhone 4SWhich was launched in 2011.

#4 The user interface (UI / UX)
For a novice in the smartphones, Android's interface is a labyrinth when trying to enter the settings to change something.
IOS is a very minimalist interface and intuitive for any user level.

iphone interface

#5 Stability and performance while
As iOS and Android user for many years, I could not see a problem Android community. Even if we have a powerful smartphone with Android to run very well after installation, this time began to answer your hardest to commands and appear interruptions to access the menu, electronic mail or other applications.
On iOS, 2 after years of intensive use, the system works as well as the day of installation.

They should be about the greatest differences between Android and iOS in our opinion. Note however that no operating system is not perfect 100%. Even iOS ;-)

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