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Android Tips: Set PARENTAL CONTROL (Content Filtering) paid app or exercises suitable for children.


As computers si laptopSites have become part of everyday life childrenThe same thing can be said about smart phones (smartphones) and tablets (Tab `s). Partental Control is a pretty good option to limit children's accessto run certain applications or accessing certain websites on your computer.
If your child is in possession of a smartphone Nexus 7 or Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 (Phone that runs on Android), You should know that these devices can be sites Parental Control option (Content Filtering), which prevented him download and sa run applications paid or just not appropriate content for them.

How activate Parental Control 7 the Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 Galaxy, Motorola Droid, Aleta sites or Android device.

1. First you need a set PINBy limiting access to specific settings Partental Control / Content Filtering. Opening Play Store> Menu> Settings> Set PIN code.


The PIN is valid and to prohibit buying and downloading applications, games, and movies from Google Play paid.

2. After you set the PIN, go to Content filtering (Set the content filtering level to restrict apps That can be downloaded)


3. to Content filtering select the level of maturity for applications that can be downloaded from Google Play (former Android Market).


After selecting maturity levels for content, Google Play, press OK to save the changes. These settings can not be changed by another person, if it does not have the PIN for Google Play.

Explanation maturity levels:

Everyone - Android apps in this category does not contain objectionable material nor share & collect user data.
Low maturity - Android apps May include mild cartoon or fantasy violence
Medium & High maturity - May include Android apps intense fantasy or realistic violence, sexual references, references to drug, alcohol & tobacco use.

So best leave checked only the first two options.

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